Infrared coatings
High energy CO2 laser coatings (10.6μm)    
Er:YAG Coatings (2.94μm)    
Infrared Imaging system    
Silicon Lens:AR/AR  T>98% 3.5-5μm
T>60% 7.5-11.5μm
note: Oxide Free Si has high absorbtion in 7.5-11.5μm, but the materials is very cheap, so it can use Infrared Imaging System instead of Ge/ZnS/ZnSe materials.

MgF2 Windows
AR/AR 3.5-4.8μm T>95%

ZnSe/ZnS/Ge Substrate Lens:AR/AR
T>98% 3.5-5.5μm
T>97% 7.5-11.5μm
       Other wavelengths, Incident anglesand and dimensions available upon request



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